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Bellmore Inn, Rehoboth, Delaware

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Bonnie Rogoff - June 5, 2011

The Complaint

Bellmore Inn, Rehoboth, Delaware

Terrible treatment at Bellmoor Inn, Rehoboth Beach, DE When the Hotel Rehoboth management was unable to offer me extra padding for the beds (I have scoliosis and arthritis and need a soft sleeping surface) I was referred to the Bellmoor Inn. They said the Bellmoor had featherbeds and could better address my specific needs.The staff at the Bellmoor was initially very helpful and accommodating by providing me with extra featherbeds so I could sleep. I am very grateful for their assistance. However, what they did to us the next day at breakfast was horrible and inexcusable. Therefore, I have to give the Bellmoor the worst rating possible.
Breakfast is served until 10:30 am. We arrived at the dining room at 9:50 am, which gave us plenty of time to select our food items and coffee and sit down. Unfortunately every table was taken inside the dining room, so we were left standing holding our plates and coffee cups. There were tables available in the outside garden area but it was too cold to sit there without a sweater or jacket. None of the outside catering staff made any effort to assist us or see if we could share a table for 4 with another couple.
We were finally unceremoniously directed to a huge “Overflow Room” and told to take our food and eat there. The “Overflow Room” was actually an unheated conference room set up with a long table and several chairs. The room was completely empty. Nobody else was eating there. There were shelves on one side of the room and a long wall with electrical outlets everywhere. There was ample space to set up a hot buffet with serving dishes, coffee urns, silverware, utensils, napkins, butter, milk, etc. The “Overflow” room had nothing. In short, we were forced to walk back and forth between the Dining Room and this conference room (which was far away) while carrying heavy plates of food. None of the catering staff lifted a finger to help us. In this huge “Overflow room” we dined alone. Since my spine is bad and I had a recent neck injury I had to carry one plate at a time on my tray, and made about ten trips. By the time I put my last item down, my French Toast was ice cold, as was my coffee, so I had to go back to the Dining Room and serve myself again and again. Readers of this review can imagine what this experience was like. Why should any hotel guest have to act as a waitress and carry heavy items without any assistance? Outrageous! During this time we are sure inside tables did open up and a staff member could have come inside the conference room and escorted us to a table with our food and hot drinks.
To add insult to injury, while we were “dining” in the barren “Overflow” room, a catering employee suddenly appeared out of nowhere and dashed in front of me, grabbing the heavy glass pitcher of maple syrup which I had just placed on the Conference Room table to use. She said, “Sorry, I have to take this. I’ll bring it back shortly.” Then grabbed the pitcher and ran out without even asking me if I was finished (I hadn’t even used the syrup yet). Since she never returned the pitcher I had to run back to the Dining Room and locate it so I can finish my breakfast. This entire time we were carrying heavy trays between the dining and conference rooms, not one member of the staff offered to bring anything to our “Overflow” table.
By the time we finished our breakfast I was exhausted and in pain. That’s when one of the catering staff workers appeared again and asked, “If you’re done, can I take these plates away for you?” Where was the catering staff earlier to bring the plates in? This is the ultimate insult.
Why were we the only two people being forced to eat in the Conference Room? The ambience was bad enough. But we didn’t pay the Bellmoor Inn for the privilege of having a “full breakfast” included only to have to lug heavy trays. Why don’t they provide enough tables to accommodate their guests enjoying the “free” breakfast or adequately furnish the conference room to address overflow conditions which must occur frequently when the hotel is near capacity. Another issue is the embarrassment and humiliation of standing in front of other diners with food and drink in hand with no place to sit.
When we checked out I was extremely angry and told “Drew” at the front desk what occurred and that I wanted a refund for at least a night’s stay due to the horrendous way I was treated. I explained the entire situation and what happened, and asked for a credit for that night’s stay he coldly said “No.” That was it. “No.” That’s quite a response to give to a hotel guest after they are treated like garbage.
I will be disputing the charge via my credit card and bank. I don’t know how you can put a price tag on the way our request food service was denied. We were too embarrassed and disgusted with the way we were treated and did not go down for the breakfast the morning of our checkout. Being whisked off into an empty conference room is not my idea of a pleasant breakfast, especially since my husband and I were the only ones put there. Drew was uncooperative and unresponsive, and couldn’t care less about what happened. This should never happen to any guest in a fine high-quality hotel. Any other boutique hotel would “comp” their guest for the inconvenience they experienced and offer a full or partial refund. We could have spent a lot less money at the Holiday Inn and gotten treated with more respect.
As for The Bellmoor Inn’s breakfast, just for the record the food was mediocre. The eggs tasted rubbery, and the oatmeal looked like dry cement. The catering staff is rude. If anyone seeks a hotel in Rehoboth Beach with friendly courteous staff, our advice is to look elsewhere.
To date, we have not received a refund for even one night’s stay for the terrible way we were treated at breakfast. I developed severe back pain after carrying all those heavy plates of food, but all I can do is post to sites like this one. We also reported our complaint to the Better Business Bureau.
Thank you.
Best regards,
Bonnie Rogoff

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