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Black Spur Inn, Narbethong

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Bob Morrow, Australia

The Complaint

We have discovered the Basil Fawlty of hoteliers in Victoria at the Black Spur Inn at Narbethong.
Both the husband and wife owners are extremely rude, aggressive and have no idea about running a hotel.
A group of us had booked for an overnight stay at this hotel. 2 people from our group had visited the hotel and had been shown a room with private facilities. They asked if all rooms were the same and were told yes.
On arrival my partner and I were shown to a room with no private facilities. Upon complaining, we were told it was our problem not the hoteliers. Unfortunately as it turned out 2 other people swapped rooms with us, out of 8 rooms, 2 had no private facilities but at not stage was this ever mentioned.
We then stayed and the next comedy of errors was at dinner when we waited 45 minutes for a meal. Upon complaining we were told we were trouble makers by the owners, and we could leave. Narbethong is approximately 80 ks from Melbourne and we had had a few drinks - not an option. We eventually got an inedible meal. We retired.
These people were rude, aggressive and unhelpful. I could understand if we had been aggressive but my partner who was dealing with them was not.
This is not a place to go to and stay at. There is absolutely nothing to recommend it and it is not a cheap holiday option. There are much better options at Healesville or Marysville.

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Fellow Travellers Comments

Hi, Who is Bob Morrow? Does Bob have the expertise of a hotel critic to rightly provide a critical blog on someone's livelihood? Does Bob care about the damage he cause to the proprietors of the Black Spur Inn? Has Bob allowed the proprietors of the Black Spur Inn to enter his own workplace and critically analyse his own workplace? I think before any of your complaints are published by your website, the hotel proprietors should have the ability to respond. Regardless of who the person complaining maybe, a person's perspective on service levels is subjective to opinion only, and not necessarily fact. Many hoteliers work extremely hard to provide good service and unfortunately some people are never happy, no matter how hard they try. I think the proprietors of the Black Spur Inn should not be treated with the disrespect of having their "good name" tarnished by a 'blogger' on a worldwide forum that is not known in the hotel industry as a 'critic'. After all, if you knew what these good people did to help the victims of the Black Saturday Fires in February 2009, you may reconsider publishing the opinions of Bob Morrow. Who is Bob Morrow? A pseudo hotel expert. Regards, Brett Kennedy
Hi, I sent an email re the Black Spur Inn in Narbethong, Victoria, Australia and I havent seen a reply or an update to your web site. I was prompted to write because the one and only complaint just doesnt seem accurate after recently staying there. Your link is displayed immediately below the main web site when you Google "Black Spur Inn". Could you please make sure you put my findings on this page to "balance the ledger". Better still if you could remove the link all together as I am sure it must affect their business and is very unfair as its a great place to stay. I know its one persons word against another but I feel strongly enough about this injustice to at least request a reply as to your intentions. Running a website like this, you have a duty of care to provide reasonably accurate information and if no-one lets you know of these inaccuracies people can use the forum for "evil not good"
Greg Belsar

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