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Bushel and Sack Hotel

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A & G Ralf

1. The Complaint
We had an overnight stay at THE BUSHEL & SACK HOTEL supposedly a 3 star hotel.
We only needed an overnight stay to enable us to be at Stansted airport early.
We booked in only to find that the room was absolutely disgusting. The bed I have to admit had fresh bedding but the shower and hand basin did not look as though it had been cleaned in months.
I have to admit that we ended up ringing round on the mobile trying to get an overnight stay in any other hotel but no one had a free room.
With this in mind I have to admit that we managed to clean our teeth a bit with a drop of water we had boiled. We did not shower or wash and just accepted that we had to sleep in the room. Up at around 7 am we got dressed and left without having breakfast (which we had said we would have in the morning) this was because we guessed that the kitchen would be no cleaner. We also overlooked the main roadwhich did not help with sleeping either.
So all in all we had no evening meal no decent place to wash and there was no drinking water in the room. Boiling a drop in the kettle was the only answer.
It was the dirtiest place we have ever visited and we really think that it should not have even 1 star never mind 3. Who said it was decent enough to be run as a hotel.? A pub it may be but that is where it ends.
We did not use the pub as we do not drink anyway so not a pastime of ours. All we needed was a decewnt room to stay in overnight. I have to say that we did not complain there, as we heard when booking in that it is run by a woman on her own so there was no real reception place just a young man who asked if we wanted breakfast as he had to let the lady know. There was no facility for finding anyone if you wanted anything anyway.
We really think this is one hotel? that needs to be removed from the listing.
Thank you.
A & G Ralf

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