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Days Inn Newark, Delaware

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Melinda Grant

The Complaint

The Days Inn Newark, DE

For my family's 30th year, Grant Family Reunion held on July 20th- July 22nd, 2007, I (as President of my Reunion) recommended the Days Inn Located at 900 Churchman's Road, Bear Delaware, as the hotel to be utilized by my family members. We rented out approximately 15 rooms for three consecutive nights; many were rented for four consecutive nights.

To say we were disappointed is a severe understatement.

While there were many issues such as:

* Blood Stained Linen

* Dirty Floors

* Full Trash Cans/Never emptied

* Total reckless regard of the "Do Not Disturb sign"

* Bad attitude and communication problems of the Hotel personnel

Nothing hit as close to home as the incident that happened to my own parents:

My father and mother ( Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grant Jr. ) checked into the Days Inn on Thursday July 19th, 2007 for a 4-night consecutive room stay. They went out Friday during the day only to return to the hotel that night and discover that the maid had taken all of their personal belongings including my Mother and Father's medication , their food, snacks, sodas, water, soap, facial body wash and body scrub. The maid had mixed all of their dirty clothes with their clean clothes, took their suitcases, cleaned out the drawers and tossed all of their belongings in a dingy storage closet, (I have pictures detailing the area). The reasoning: "Their records showed that my parents should have checked out on Friday", although they knew that they were checked in under the Grant Family Reunion (at least a 3 day event).

While the staff there apologized for the confusion and attempted to explain how or why the mistake happened, a free room night stay was not enough compensation for the physical and mental anguish suffered by my mom and dad. They were assigned to a new room and most (not all)of their items returned.

Please keep in mind that my father checked in with a credit card on file, so even if the staff was "not educated enough" to realize that someone would not leave a hotel and leave all their clothes, all of their medicine behind, they should have simply just charged his credit card for another day. Not totally violate my parents the manner in which they did.

There was a time when the people working at the Days Inn represented a high professional quality standard and I am sorry to say that at 900 Churchman's Road in Delaware, this is not the case.


Melinda Grant

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