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Fosters Yard Hotel, Polesworth Warks

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Cheryl Reynolds

The Complaint

The Fosters Yard Hotel, Polesworth Warks

Oh my goodness,we met friends here as our children had gone to school together at primary, thay are now 13 +. I bookedfor 6 of us, 3 rooms with en suite facilities so they could go to the Snowdome & Drayton Manor.

The hotel was scruffy, the outside had a heap of rubbish in the carpark,the front access was full of cigerette ends that had obviously been there since the smoking ban, a brush and pan to sweep them up would be an idea, there was no reception you walked into the bar and had to go behind the bar to access the poorly lit, filthy staircase, there were loads of stairs and passages that went everywhere, eventually to the bedrooms, oh my goodness that was the worst, my friend cleans for a living and she was disgusted, the rooms were filthy, dusty, dirty, drawers full of goodness knows what, the ventilation in the en suite, no sorry BOX was absolutely clogged with dust and grime, you could hardly sit down on the loo and the girls en suite (BOX) door would not close. The carpets were UGH we told the girls not to take their shoes off!!! We would have left then, had not the Hotel(Dirty Pub)taken my card details before we arrived.

Below the bedrooms was a Balti restuarant, part of the Hotel(Dirty Pub) with a ventilation shaft that threw all the smells straight into the bedrooms! First thing next morning I complained to the staff, they shrugged and said they knew. When we came back that night ours was the only room that had had the beds made and the sink cleaned, obviously due to my complaints, everything else was the same. The manageress was never there and the two girls that served breakfast and cooked it in the morning were very pleasant and helpful. The breakfast was served in the bar which was not any cleaner than anywhere else. The breakfast however was good.

Access to the Snowdomw and Drayton Manor was good and we had a great time AWAY FROM THE HOTEL. Fortunately a lady told us about the Wolferstan Arms at Shuttington, we ate there all weekend, it was incredible, the meals were great and the prices even greater.

Please warn others about Fosters Yard, if they charged even half the price it would still be the worst place I have ever stayed.

Cheryl Reynolds

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