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Hotel Maritim in Djerba, Tunisia

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The Complaint

We went to the '5'Star Hotel Maritim in Djerba/Tunisia for the second time. We only booked this Hotel again, because we enjoyed our stay there last year.

This year, what a different one year makes.

At first this Hotel should not be a 5 Star rating.

The room was hardly ever cleaned.The domestic just closed the terrace door, straighten up the bedding and handed out grey towels.I believe their should be white. The same with the bath robe. we even noticed, if asked for fresh towels, the old ones have been folded nicely and placed back in the bathroom. The room was smelling damp at all the times.

Our aircondition was not working, when reported we have been told to close the terrace door. We repeatedly reported the faulty aircondition, until eventually someone came to the room and inspected it. And then we have been told 'Yes it is not working'(this was half way through our hols).But this problem was not sorted. So we had to sleep with our terrace door open and the night temperature never dropps lower than 25+.

When on the beach(which was clean and well looked after) and you are an Arabic/French speaking person you will have all the preferences. The staff will run rings around you, serve you on hand and foot. The Gazebos are just for you, where the staff again will serve you on hand and foot. But beware, if you English, German, Suiss, Spanish you had. As a guest you WILL have the most uncomfortable sun beds. If you would fancy sitting under one of seven gazebos you will be politely asked to move because you have not reserve one. And to reserve one you must be friends/family with the managerial staff.

We have witnessed that, when we went down to the beach, the staff are reserving these Gazebos.If forgotten there will be hell on earth.

I have never ever witnessed that staff (manager) are so far up someone b.. only because these guests are suppose to be friends with the main manager from this Hotel.

Three days before leaving the Hotel to return home, we tried to keep our room until at least 4pm(because our flight was at 22.50hrs). So we could have a shower and get ready for out return flight. At the reception we were told that it is impossible (because it is fully booked). I asked what about handing one room back at 12.00hrs(where our Daughte stayed) Again we was turned down. But we were told that a room will be available for us, so we could have a shower and change. So we agreed. On the day, our daughter moved in with us,so we could enjoy a couple of hours at the pool.On our return her room was already cleaned!!! And the Domestic went into our room and made the beds ready for the next Guests. We had a shower and put some clothes on(not the clothes we wanted to travel in).

We took out luggage downstairs and went for a lovely meal in a different restaurant.

As we arrived back(approx.3hous later) we asked for the room where we could freshen up and get changed. At the reception we were then told that we should go to the pool side to the changing rooms there. We thoughth that their having a lough. But NO. We told them that we have been promissed a room were we could have a shower and change and not a poolside changing room. Then we have been told to go to the Thalasso Centre. So we went to the Thalasso Centre, here the staff wanted to put us in to the male changing room/toilet.They were laughing and mocking us because of our situation.

We went back to the reception and told them that this is outrageous and that we want to speak to the manager. We confronted the manager and the only thing he could say was that he does not speak english. Unfortunately i speak german and again he could not speak or understand any german.Fortunately, another english couple was promissed a room as well and they had difficulties to get a room. And this couple stayed on the beach all day.

In our anger we went to the ladies/gents toilet and got freshenup/changed there.

While waiting for our taxi to take us to the airport a large group of Italians have been waiting for more than five/six hour to get their room allocated.

You may think whydid we go there for the second time? I can tell you that the previous year it was a lovely,clean and friendly place.We are very tolerant people and i never felt so out of place like in this hotel. We like to mix with the locals, have a laugh and like to know the culture but sadly this experience made me think twice to return to Djerba. We stayed in a few Hotels in Tunisia(from Matmata-Monastir-Hamamet-Port El Kantoui-Nabul ect) but we never have been treated like this.

On our stay there, we have been told that this hotel will be turned from a Bed&Breakfast/half board to an all inclusive.And the normal relaxed atmosphere changed drasticly.

Please take my advice and do not book at this Hotel Maritim Yadis. I know that everybody should make up their own mind regarding where to stay. But we talked to a lot of English/German couples who used this Hotel previously (like we did) and no one will return.And we will not recomended to anybody. We have been very dissapointed.

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