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Legacy Grand Hotel and Suites Kissimmee

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Karen Tao

The Complaint

We checked in the hotel around 11:30pm on June 24. The room number was 238. During the whole night we didn't actually sleep well (my husband couldn't sleep at all) because we felt there were something biting us. We never had this kind of experience before so we thought it might be just mosquito. Until early next morning we found so many small black bugs on the sheet and the pillow.
There are more than 100 bites on my husband's arms, legs, neck and the back and also all over my body. We were able to kill few of them and full of blood in them. It was so disgusting. At that time we didn't even know they were bed bugs. Around 8:00 am we went to front desk to complain about this. The lady said we have to wait for the manager. So we waited until 9:00. Then she said the manager just called her that he would be late because of the traffic. She then asked us to fill out a form and she would for sure to pass this to the manager. She said the manager will call us. Because we need to catch the cruise so we have to leave without any result.
During the rest of our vacation we didn't enjoy at all because we felt so itchy all over the body. We flew more than 7 hours from Vancouver to Orlando to enjoy our vacation but this really ruined everything. At that time we were still hope the hotel would give us a satisfactory answer. Until we finish the cruise we haven't got any call from the hotel. On 29th when we were back from the cruise we went to the hotel again. This time the manager at the front desk said he never got any complaint form. And he insisted we should have doctor's letter to prove it's the bed bugs (at that time we just knew it's bed bugs). And he said he wouldn't do anything to solve the problem. This is really ridiculous and we never seen such bad customer service before. And how come first time the lady didn't ask us to do so?
We guess from the beginning they already knew it's bed bugs but they just wanted the things go. This is our worst travel experience and we felt so upset. We still have the pictures of the bites. Until now the bites still there, still let us feel very uncomfortable.
After we came back we send the e-mail to the Hotel Manager Chad J. Buchanan but till now still don't get any answer. I hope to publish our bad experience and let people know never ever go to this hotel: Legacy Grand Hotel and Suites (5245 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34745). They have very bad reputation online too.
Karen & Bo Song

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