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Have you ever tried to complain about a problem at a hotel and been ignored ?

This is a Hotel Assist page about a specific client complaint about a hotel. At Hotel-assist we do not take sides on these issues, we are asking you, the reader, to pass a verdict / opinion as to who is right.

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Lyle, Susan, Devin and Chandler Brooks

1. The Complaint
We stayed at Long Bay Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. The housekeeping was deplorable. When we arrived from Canada, it was roughly 2:30 p.m. their time. The lobby was full of people waiting to check in; rooms weren't ready. In speaking with one of their attendants, they informed us that they had rooms ready at 10 a.m.
When we finally got our room; 766, we drove up do the 7th floor parking garage as it's attached directly to the 7th floor living area. We opened the door and the room hadn't been cleaned. We spoke with the housekeeping staff but she couldn't speaking English. Found someone that could speak English and she was the supervisor for housekeeping and she let this lady have it in front of us. We called the front desk, they told us to come back down and we would get around room.
We drove down the 7 levels of the parking garage and got another room 666, you got it the 6th floor. Drove back up and we had asked for a non-smoking room. We got a sign on the fridge that said; no smoking in the room but you could smoke on the balcony. Hello!!!!!!!
Complained about that, that's how they accommodate no smokers in a smoking hotel! 2 times we came back from the day's activities and the room wasn't cleaned. Towels in the tub, beds not made, etc. We called down as it was after 5 and they brought up clean linen but wouldn't stay to clean the room. We had to make up our own beds and take all the dirty linen out of the tub. The girl's response was that it was housekeeping on the days that should be taking care of this not her and she left. Complained about that!
Basically it's young people running the pool area and/or the hotel on the weekend. We have 2 small children and we didn't appreciate the open liquor in the pool in bottles, the smoking in the pool. We witnessed cigarette butts put out on the side of the pool. We saw cans of beer that when they were finished would pour out the remainder on the side of the pool. Nothing was said. My wife complained big time about this and they said, it's up to our guests and/or our inspectors to advise us of anything like this for us to fix. Nothing was said because these young people in the pool doing this were a lot bigger than the young person that had just started and she wouldn't know what to do.
I complained and my wife complained. Not once did they do something about the bill. My wife was very clear - she understands why they expect you to prepay everything when you check-in. Needless to say, we don't recommend this hotel and/or staying here.
Lyle, Susan, Devin and Chandler Brooks

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Fellow Travellers Comments

I am very sorry to hear about the problems experienced by the Brooks family while visiting Myrtle Beach. The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce and the Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Association have a joint committee to address issues visitors might have while visiting. Although we do encourage direct dialogue between the guest and the hotel, and have no legal authority to establish or dictate policies and procedures, we always hope there will be a resolution to the issue.

If the Brooks would like to file a formal complaint through the committee against the hotel, the information follows.

A complaint by may be filed by completing the complaint form online. Also, it can be mailed (P.O. Box 2115, Myrtle Beach, SC 29578) or faxed (843-626-0009). The complaint will be forwarded to the hotel asking them to respond within 15 days. If no response is received, a second letter will be sent. If no response is received in seven days, a third letter will be sent. The complainant will receive a letter with this information and some other avenues should they need to go further with the complaint.

Again, I am very sorry for their difficulty.

Shirley Pearson

Ethics Review Committee Staff Liaison

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