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Park Hotel, Paignton, Devon

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The Complaint

We always use the AA Motoring guide for good Hotels. Not any more.

The Park Hotel Esplanade Road, Paignton, Devon, TQ4 6BQ is the Hotel no one should visit if they want a nightcap (Alcoholic) you will be informed that" if you need that kind of thing, the Hotels either side of the Park Hotel will help you." (I don't drink, but on holiday I enjoy a shandy)

Because we travelled with aged disabled parents it was paramount that we should enjoy the Hotel Entertainment, which we were informed would be on some nights but not every night. Understandable. We could not take any anti-social risks of being out after our Evening meal.

Nothing was available on the first Evening it was Saturday. Definitely not Sunday, we had to make our own beds that day, no one was available on Sundays. A meeting was held Monday.

Tuesday, there was no cooked meal. everyone had salad. Only hot drinks in our rooms. We found by chance it was a Christian Hotel. There was no suggestion on any of the advertising, prior to our booking our holiday of this. There is a large advertising post outside the Hotel, stating it is Licensed. It does not say, only at mealtimes.The remainder of the week was made up with Games in the Evening. There was not the normal Entertainment, which I and many more would consider, singing, dancing, even a game of Bingo would be the norm.

My father aged (80yrs) very physically disabled from Polio as a child, became ill after struggling with a disabled shower, that had no wall grips to hold on too. We heard him scream, and become upset. My mother, also disabled assisted him to walk gingerly with walking sticks. Dads 6ft 2ins. My mother is 5ft.

We paid in full and left a day early. We wanted to leave on the Monday, but Dad felt he was to blame after being ill from eating a brown coloured fish, that was supposed to be white. We stayed to show that the hotel would not spoil our holiday.

The hotel staff offered my husband another mattress (he is also disabled) on top of the one he already had. It was so uncomfortable.

The Sun lounge should be a place to enjoy, watching passer-by and the sunshine. Flies, hung above our heads, where no one had cleaned the area. The cushions on the wicker furniture were worn away, and threadbare.

The Hotel lift is so smelly we tried to avoid it as much as possible.

The whole building was tired and drab, and so boring. Yet proudly three AA stars are prominently displayed on the outer walls, overlooking the car park.

We had to place our names on a list for the space taken with the car, so that other Hotels could use the remaining spaces........that should have told us something. Especially in August.

We have no issues with Christians. But we feel these people should inform holidaymakers that they are a "Church Hotel" and a visit to assess the disabled facility is without doubt essential.

And also Health and Safety officers should make a visit.


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Fellow Travellers Comments

If I was a guest and these facts are correct I would be furious.

Should I have no response from the staff concerning complaints which really wreck one's holiday I would call the local TV or media to cause a stir, maybe this would wake up the management.

People forget how difficult it is for some to save for a trip, maybe all year, then faced with this as a holiday just isn't right.

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