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Quality Suites Universal Orlando

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Demetrius Robinson

The Complaint

Dear Florida Department of Health Representative:
My son and I stayed four days and three nights at the Quality Suites Universal Orlando (7400 Canada Avenue, Orlando, FL 32819) from 7/5/07 to 7/8/07.
On the morning of 7/8/07 at 9:32am, I discovered blood-colored markings on my bed sheets. I noticed similar blood-colored markings the morning prior to 7/8/07, however I thought I may have gotten a small cut the previous day. To my horror, I discovered small bugs on my pillow case and on my sheets.
I smashed the larger bug on my pillow which resulted in a large blood smear. At that point, I pulled the sheets to discover other bugs. I then quickly commanded my son to get out of his bed.
When I pulled his sheets, I discovered bugs in his bed. I immediately called the front desk person (Shanta) who sent both the housekeeping manager (Rosalina) and a maintenance person (David) to our room (rm.606). After I hung up the telephone, I grabbed my camera and took photos of the bugs.
The hotel housekeeping manager and the maintenance person moved my son and I to another room (rm.305). At 10:20am, I called back down to the front desk to request to speak directly to the hotel manager. I was told that he was not at the hotel and could not be reached by phone or pager. I then asked to have the housekeeping manager to contact me at our new room.
At 10:22am, the housekeeping manager called our room. I asked her if the hotel had a policy in place to deal with, what I suspected to be bedbugs. She replied by saying she did not know and that an outside company would deal with such a problem.
At 10:29am, the hotel manager (John) called to apologize and mentioned that the “hotel never had this problem before” and that he would have to investigate before confirming the presence of bedbugs in room 606.
I would like to request that the Florida Department of Health also investigate this matter to ensure that this is prevented in the future. Thank you.
Demetrius Robinson

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Fellow Travellers Comments

Editors Comment:
Bed bugs are perhaps my greatest dread so I fully understand the client being upset, so would I be.
Bed bugs are not initially the fault of the hotel, they are brought in by guests and once in the room are difficult to detect as they can lie dormant without fresh blood for up to 12 months.
Good diligent housekeeping can dramatically reduce the activity of these creatures but even so some may easily survive and eventually feast on your warm blood. Its a hazard of travelling.
I must admit that these days I do in fact check the bedside drawers, matress and the undersheet for signs before unpacking. It is not a symptom of a cheap hotel, I can name top quality London hotels that have had infestations. It is so important that the hotel isolates the room immediately and brings is a specialist company to treat the WHOLE room, not just the bed. The guests clothing and luggage should also be washed thoroughly and I always think that the hotel should actually offer compensation for the cleaning and the ruined stay.

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