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Santa Clarita Travelodge

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Debbie Garces

The Complaint

My complaint is beyond bad!!
After a family function my husband and I checked into the Santa Clarita Travel lodge Motel on Sierra Highway in California at 3am. We were tired and didn't mind paying the top rate of $71. and was told no late checkout and we had to leave by 11am next morning. We brought no luggage only a change of shirts for morning. We got up and left the motel by 8am to meet family for breakfast and arrived back at motel @ 9:45 to catch an hours nap before heading home.
When we arrived at out room we found the door wide open, bed and linens stripped from room and my husband clean shirt in the trash can. The maid was cleaning the room and we told her we hadn't checked out yet and what was she doing?
Motel clerk stated "well when maid knocked on the door you didn't answer, so she thought you checked out" We asked the clerk "did we check out?' and of course we had not. After the unconcerned rude clerk had done nothing to fix the problem. it was almost check out time, my husband asked for an extra hour for the inconvenience and he was told on a half hour. They wouldn't put linens back on bed or give clean new towels. I went home to avoid a scene and made a complaint with the travel lodge customer service department...BIG MISTAKE! Mean while my husband naps on the couch in the room and I gave him a 10:30 wake call. He leaves the motel and by the time he gets home I get a call from a Sandy from the motel accusing us of taking ALL TOWELS AND LINENS and hung up on. I was horrified and called customer service back and they proceeded to say, she had called them and said we stole shelf's out of the mini re frig. And that we arrived at the motel 15 minutes before check-out.
Not only did we leave in front of clerk with NOTHING, my cell phone shows complaint was filed @ 10am which means the was noway we arrived 15 minutes before checkout. I had a valid complaint, we rented that room until 11am and they had no business in there, guest can't leave and come back? My husbands belonging should have been put in a bag not the trash. Because I filed a complaint, I was told I stole towels and they later changed it to shelf's from a mini frig because they forgot about the maid stripping the place.
The outcome from the general manager was: "You cursed at the clerk therefore you get nothing!!" But I did get something, they charged my credit Card another $20 for something we never took. So $92.00, violated, robbed,slandered, lied too and told my freedom of speech is why they don't care what the motel does to us. RUDE RUDE staff and they can lie, steal and slander guests and you can't do a darn thing about it!

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