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Super 8 Motel Anaheim

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Stephenie Trafelet

The Complaint

I have had the this bad experience at a super 8 motel in Aneheim, California. Or as it's more comenly refered to, the one next to Disneyland. We reserved a two bed non-smoking room.

When we got there, it looked like a mess. THis non-smoking room had an ash tray! And the air conditioner smelled so rank, that it set off one of my family members allergy the second day. When we went to ask for another room, the woman at the desk was the snobiest person you can imagine.

We told her our problems and asked for another room. She gave us another room number to check out. We went to look it over, and found that the entire room smelled of cat pea! Gross!

So we went and told them we would keep the old room. I can tell you we will never be staying here ever again.

Oh and for those planning on staying here, don't believe a word they say. The tram or shuttle is about a half an hour walk, instead of the easy ten mintute walk.

Oh and there's burnt spots on the floor, and broken light bulbs. A perfect way to spend your vacation.

So don't stay at Super 8 unless you have to!

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