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Hotel Complaints
No. 6 The Shores, Ramsgate, KZN

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Have you ever tried to complain about a problem at a hotel and been ignored ?

This is a Hotel Assist page about a specific client complaint about a hotel. At Hotel-assist we do not take sides on these issues, we are asking you, the reader, to pass a verdict / opinion as to who is right.

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Mandy Botha

The Complaint

My complaint

I used an online site that books accommodation for you called safari now, there service was excellent they are basically the middle man and do all the leg work for accommodation places,

You basically search for what you want then choose check availability and book and basically correspond with the accommodation places through this site so everything is recorded and confirmed.

I had asked for a quote and received a reply saying that the apartment was available and the quote it was valid for a couple of days, I booked and paid a deposit before the due date and time, The website confirmed the booking and everything was set,

About a hour later I get a email from the owner directly saying he has already booked the place over our desired time.

So I called the website and explained to the problem they were very helpful but my consultant wasn't in at the moment and they would follow up on the matter.

In the mean time my mother called the owner of the apartment directly he had all the excuses under the sun, and as he hung up he called my mother a bitch..

So my complaint is the fact that this guy double books, send out quotes and give dates till when u can pay and then double books accommodation wasting everyone's time.

And not following the sites rules.

And on top of that is completely rude when dealing with his "clients"

His details are

No. 6 The Shores
Shore Road

I would recommend that no one deals with this man, he doesn't have the temperament to run accommodation.

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Fellow Travellers Comments

I see two issues here, the duplicated or over booking and the attitude of the landlord.
Overbookings, however annoying, can and do happen.
The booking agency and the landlord should have assured the client that they would try to locate an alternative property in the same area.
The landlord should have been more tactful.
The fact that a deposit had been paid could, in some countries, be assumed to have formed a legal contract obliging the booking agency to locate an alternative property for the client.

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