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Hotel complaints

Hotel Complaints
Top hotel complaints that travellers write about


Here is where we publish client complaints. We are not the judge and in every instance, the hotel under fire, is very welcome to respond. We also welcome comments from anyone else.


Latest Complaints, Worldwide
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Ashlyn Guest House, Edinburgh, UK
  Car parking problem and customer service

Bellmore Inn, Rehoboth, Delaware
  Bad customer service

Black Spur Inn, Narbethong, Australia
  Staff attitude

Bushel and Sack, Stanstead, UK

Carlton Hotel, Sandown, UK
  Bed Bugs and Hygene

Cedar Lodge Motel, Dawson Creek, BC
  Room maintenance

Clarion Hotel, Gatwick, UK
  Bugs and poor client services

Coralia Palm Beach, Hammemet, Tunisia
  Sub Standard and Hygene

Days Inn, Newark, Delaware US
  Hygene and poor service

Fosters Yard, Polesworth, Warks UK

Gower Hotel, London, UK
  Hygene and poor maintenance

Harrington Hotel, Bath, UK
  Non refund of booking deposit

Hilton Hotels, USA
  Double-charged and over-charged

Hotel Cordoba, Florence, Italy
  Bed Bugs

Hotel Maritim, Djerba, Tunisia
  Hygene, maintenance and staff attitude

Jaminson Inn, Cheraw, SC
  Cigarette smells

Jurys Hotel, Manchester, UK
  Advance / excessive charging of credit card

Legacy Grand Hotel, Kissimmee, US
  Bed Bugs and Customer Service

Locanda Leon Bianco, Venice, Italy
  Misinformation and Customer Service

Long Bay Resort, Myrtle Beach, SC
  Poor housekeeping and Customer Service

Miramar Hotel, Hamamet, Tunisia
  Late night disturbances

Palace Suites, Dallas, US
  Booking agency problem

Park Hotel, Paignton, Devon, UK
  Misinformation and hygene

Parker Hotel, Palm Springs
  Cancellation policy

Peckham Lodge, London, UK

Quality Suites Universal, Orlando, US
  Bed Bugs

Royal National and BA, London, UK
  Misleading information

Santa Clarita Travelodge, California, US
  Customer service / attitude

Super 8 Motel, Anaheim, US

The Shores, Ramsgate, KZN
  Customer Service

The Tuscany, New York, US
  Misleading price promotion

Waitotara Hotel, New Zealand
  Customer Service

Whiteleaf Hotel, London, UK
  Bed Bugs

Wyndham Hotel, Virginia Beach, US
  Maintenance and staff attitude

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Have you ever tried to complain about a problem at a hotel and been ignored ?

This is a Hotel Assist page about some of the classic problems found in hotels
Without a doubt customer services are becoming more sympathetic about client complaints. One of the reasons for this renewed service level is the power of the internet as a medium for publicising a hotels problems.

Why do hotels ignore complaints ?

Usually because they are either too embarrassed; they have no argument for the valid complaint; the person complaining is whats known as a "professional complainer" or they are just too lazy to bother with the task.

Top Traveller complaints

1. Bed Bugs
A very serious complaint and one that the hotels dread. These horrid creatures can be found in carpets, woodwork, beds and travellers luggage. They can last up to one year without your blood as food. Check out the sheets for small specks of blood.You can also pull back the bed sheets and check the mattress seams and bedside drawers for signs such as the bug itself or minute small black droppings or dried blood.

2. Dirty Hotel
There is nothing worse than a dirty unmaintained hotel and I could personally name at least a dozen off the top of my head in London. There is a new breed of "hotel owner" emerging in London, mainly relatively small overseas investors. Property prices are still "going north" and it has become lucrative to purchase a freehold hotel, continue running it as a hotel for 3 or 4 years and then sell it. The hotel business pays the overheads and makes the landlord an operating profit and he gets the benefit of a large profit after he sells the premises. In that ownership time he spends no money of refurbishing or good maintenance as he is in it short term to make money.

3. No booking on arrival
Saturdays in the office on a busy London day brings in hotel calls that Mr Smiths credit card is invalid and they are cancelling his booking. For this statement read "The hotel has overbooked and we need to dump some one night bookings".
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4. Unhelpful staff
Now here is a hot potato ! We have all encountered the Reception person from hell. Maybe they have a hangover or have just missed out on a pay rise but they want to make your life hell. There is a well known good tourist class hotel in Kensington London with some of the best reception staff in the business but let the head receptionist have an argument with his boyfriend and whether you are the King of Siam or Tony Blair you will be made most unwelcome..

5. Next to a lift shaft
I can remember vividly spending a sleepless night in a Paris Hotel with my head just the other side of a thin wall adjoining the lift shaft ... never again.

6. Noisy room
I recently stayed at a very popular superior hotel in Manchester which is constantly in the top 1 or 2 Tripadviser rankings. Apart from the shower head falling off the wall and the lounge being effectively an ash tray, the walls and ceilings were so thin that you could hear everything around you. Even worse outside our room was a fully operational scrapyard. Are all client internet reviews genuine ??? I doubt it ... C'est la vie !

7. Overcharged
Its surprising how many travellers do not check their itemised bill when checking out. Extras such as a paid movie or a short from the minibar can go on the wrong room bill so easily. Also be careful when at the hotel bar as the room name and number that you shouted out to the barman can now be used by an unscrupulous person to charge his drinks to.

8. Poor room service

9. Overpriced Phone charges

10. Minicab scam
This for sure applies to London but probably happens all over the world too. You ask Reception to book you a taxi to the airport on check out morning. He uses his "friendly" unlicensed or private hire driver service who add a commission on for him which you pay for !

11. Sub Standard restaurant

12. Inaccurate star rating
The problem in London is that there is no single regulatory body which controls star ratings. It is therefore possible, in fact probable, that many hotels decide themselves what star rating to be. the main discrepancies lie in the one to three star range. We have a budget hotel in Paddington at the moment that has after many years decided to replace the 70's bedroom furniture with Ikea products. No problem there until they therefore decide to up the nightly rate by 20 pounds and ( this is the bit I object to ) call the rooms "DELUXE". Now bear in mind this is a 2 star grot box.

Cancellation costs

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